Added value

RODICUT is one of the world leaders in the production of spare compact polyurethane casting. The firm, existing for 30 years and located in Mos, near VIGO, Spain, has over thirty representation and distribution offices implanted across over seventy countries and exporting more than 80% of its production outside of Spain.

RODICUT bets on the continuous improvement and innovation with the clear aim of satisfying the specific needs of each of our clients since it was created in 1983.

The support of our engineering department along with our permanent proximity in the market allows us to constantly evolve our processes.

In this way, RODICUT, which has started its specialization in the corrugated cardboard packaging and rotary die cutting, has diversified its presence in the industry scope launching POLYURETHANE PIECES for different applications, always under polyurethane features that make it an ideal material in terms of cut-resistance, abrasion, corrosion and great elastic capacity. These applications are large in sectors as diverse as the automotive industry, mining, civil and public works, industrial machinery, quarries, ancillary industries and others.

Thus, integrated lifelong learning and continuing investment in staff and media lead to a process of innovation that is also able to establish in the market the best product / quality / price and excellent service relationship.

RODICUT is composed of a dynamic team, convinced that our best reflection is the market and our clients.