Flexible bollards

The flexible bollards (posts-sidewalk barriers), manufactured with a revolutionary material almost impossible to be destroyed. Comparing with traditional barriers, it is designed to protect pedestrians and vehicles from accidental impacts thanks to high energy absorption properties.

Manufactured with the same appearance as conventional bollards, RODICUT flexible posts have a significant difference with regular materials; they do not cause damage on pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles while providing maintenance free protection and security. For installation require only 20 cms depth and have the option of a mobile base with or without a key, making it useful for different areas to suit your needs.

  • Eliminates installation civil works and change.
  • Made of a new age hybrid resin material hard to break.
  • Outstanding impact absorbing capacity, reduce the collision force.
  • Economic: no maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Different designs.
  • Any colour.
  • Allows emergency vehicles access.
  • Reduce damage caused by an impact (pedestrians/vehicles).