RODICUT standard covers with the advantages of inner flexible fiber and knuckle system (no bolts) are now upgraded meeting the current request of customers:

  • Improvement in the quality of the die cutting process
  • Easier mounting and dismounting processes
  • Longer lifetime

The result of a careful study of improvement needs for the rotary die cutting process has resulted in the modernization of our most successful product: FULLCUT/LONGLIFE innovation.

The anvil covers with optimized slot to avoid “spring effect”, efficient joint geometry for better support, easier installation, and with the longest lifetime.

Efficient joint geometry:

  • Long life
  • Optimized slot

Here is a brief explanation of the 3 elements, similar to the reverse of the sheet:

  • Optimized Slot: Minimized working pressure
  • Increased cardboard processing quality
  • Reduction of fatigue in rotary dies
  • Less rotation time: easy assembly-disassembly operation

Long-life anvil: Longer life is achieved thanks to the combination of 3 causes:

  • Less knife penetration
  • Tear resistance special formula
  • Facility for frequent rotation