Rapid Cover V7

Exclusive development by RODICUT, focused on obtaining a higher productivity and rotary diecutting quality, for a longer lifetime of the polyurethane and ensuring the perfect control and dimensions of the die-cut sheet.
These free-wheeling anvil covers consist in hard inner cores, which are vulcanized with Rodicut polyurethane of the top quality and resistance to the cut. Its light weight and easyhandling allows one operator the frequent rotation in minimum time: 2 minutes.

  • Free wheeling. Cutting die and anvils working at same speed. Box measures perfectly controlled even with more complex designs.
  • Inner hard cores and vulcanized anvil. Perfect fitting. Eliminates problems of wrong fitting or deformations. Totally uniform consumption of the polyurethane for longer lifetime.
  • Cutting die works under minimal and stable pressure. Less damage for rotary dies.
  • Elimination of grinding/rectifiers systems, all the polyurethane is used for performing in the diecutting.
  • Easy and fast rotation. Facilitates more frequent rotation and flat surface maintenance (no valleys).
  • Saving in total costs of polyurethane consumption (rapid cover v7 lifetime multiplies notably comparing with traditional anvils). Less energy expenses and reduction machine stoppage due to diecutting issues.
  • Minimum investment: New cylinder. Able to offer customized formulas to compensate cost.