Quality Policy

Dear Customer,

Our Company was born more than 25 years ago, and at this time we are one of the Global Leaders of production of polyurethane parts owing to our presence in 63 countries.

The modernity is not incompatible with the respect to our past; we had preserved and want to keep our production division of rotary cutting tools because it allows us to have a global vision of the expectative and necessities of our customers and benefit through our partners with a capacity of expertise to guide our customers about the best compromise between quality, price and productivity.

Rather than let me attempt here by the easily to explain with certainly demagoguery that we are the best and our products are unique, but I want to take this opportunity to share with you a part of our philosophy on a specific point, quality.

The word or term “quality” is frequently used as comparison that allows us position ourselves against the other market players. But for us, this term is the definition of constancy in production and delivery in the conditions and deadlines defined by a product according the necessities and expectations to our customers.

This term, often diverted from their real aim to commercial purposes, in any case does not mean that if we adopt a quality policy, we will be better than our competitors. We are all quality but with different levels and different motivations. A guidebook of quality procedures is not a workbook stored in a cupboard and dusted off any time of audit. This manual does not have a reason to be, if its if their procedure are compatibles with a necessary and real activity and if they are used and improve day by day.

In RODICUT INDUSTRY S.A.U., we clearly differentiate the quality procedure in our specific process the business and advertising without real foundation.

For us:

– The quality is constancy in our methodology of work and the respect if real and effective controls that allow us keep it and preserve it. The penalty for no comply this procedure results in the increase of no conformities and indirect and direct cost.

– Trade is our capacity to propose the best relation between the product, quality, price and service possible. The penalty for not comply this relationship results is loss of market share.

For us, improve the quality, does not mean in any case improve the product, but it means improving work procedures to approach a level or reliability in almost perfect consistency of what we produce.

In RODICUT INDUSTRY S.A.U. the improvement of the quality really going through continuous improvements, training, common sense, the ongoing investment in staff and resources . With this the creativity giving rise to the creation and innovation.

For us, the quality is also the quality on life, which leads in a deep respect of human beings and the environment. We pay attention, principally through our different projects underway to improve working conditions and safety, also preserve our planet for the future generations.

We want to demonstrate by our actions and objectives that is possible be industrial and make profits (that is the main reason for all the companies) and the same time take care of our staff and environment, not only for legal obligation but by personal beliefs.

Yesterday we wrote what we did today we do what we wrote and we are constantly improving what we do to have tomorrow a writing adapted to the market requirements and respect for our world.

The constant questioning, self criticism and curiosity are fundamentals which we attach importance to give more reliability to our production process and adapt our answers and analysis to the needs of our customers.

We commit ourselves, supporting in our quality framework ISO 9001following this policy in product quality, environmental and human with the contribution to all partners and staff trough their dynamic, positive and constructive criticism.

In conclusion we are perhaps not the best today but we tend to it and maybe we are only producing polyurethane parts and cutting tools, but giving the best of ourselves for your benefit, at least that is our wish.

Yours truly.